Noisily subvert the entire process

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From: A Jurisdictional Dispute

How about the Submerged Rector? What has become of his parish? Why isn't that the matter before the bishops? Perhaps the Rector would like to share a reading to support his views?

Game Instructions: This will consume the Verse but not the Rector, and will pay out in Hinterland Scrip at a better rate than the Verse otherwise would be sold for.

Unlocked with Verse of Counter-Creed, A Submerged Rector


Well worth the price

The Submerged Rector likes the bit […] about BELLS WITH CLAPPERS AND BELLS WITHOUT.

[…] a grand excuse to shout BING, BONG, BINGBONG outside of an already contentious meeting.

[…] You are requested – nay, begged – to influence the Rector into departing […]

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