Not Observing Anything

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[…]this scene would look just like a picnic lunch, with the Stewards reclining on blankets and watching the goat-demons play, as though they were onlookers[…] Of course, that's not what's happening. The goat-demons aren't playing polo[…]

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Unlocked with a redirect from Beneath the Standing Stones

Storylet appears in Adulterine Castle


Don't talk about the game
Currency3 copper.png
Don't place a wager on the game
Don't review the rules
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    Action Cost: 0
    Unlocked with Crystalline Knowledge 4



    Rules of the Game

    Success Instructions: Two teams of goat-demons represent the First Circle and the Second Circle. Whichever team is victorious will change Where Stones Don't Stand at the Hurlers. After you place a wager, a new match will begin. Play cards in your Opportunity Deck here at the Adulterine Castle to watch the game during an ongoing match. When the Hurlyburly quality reaches zero, the current match will end. The First Circle will win if the Goat vs Goat quality is lower than 100 when the match ends. The Second Circle will win if the Goat vs Goat quality is higher than 100. When you place a wager, you are betting on which team will lose.

Step away from the Stewards