Offer a Ratty Reliquary

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From: The Diminutive Vicar

Action Cost: 0

They say it came down with the Fourth. They say the names of all rats are written on its underside (but so small you'll never read them). They say it's a tooth from the Saint of Rats.

Unlocked with A Rat for the Weekend, Ratty Reliquary

Locked with Rat Market Saturation 800001



After fastidiously counting out your payment, the Vicar reverently opens the tiny glass door on the reliquary. He takes a long time inspecting its contents. Do the remains inside inspire awe? Fear? Mere satisfaction?
RMS/100 0-325 375 500 625 650-1475 1500 1750 1775 1800+
Rat-Shillings 165 165 165 165 140 140 140 140 125