Offer a sinecure to a certain artist

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From: Adjust the Staffing of your Lab

As a researcher, he probably won't accomplish much. But at least he'll stop turning up at your lodgings to beg for help.

Game Instructions: This will use up one of the slots for workers in your Laboratory, but will stop the Artist's card from appearing in your Opportunity deck. He will neither slow nor help the progress of your Research.

Unlocked with An Admirer of Art - is: A gentle critic

Locked with Number of Workers in your Laboratory at least Number of Worktables in your Laboratory, Found Employment for an Old Friend


Supposedly grateful

A place to stay! A regular salary in jade! It is too kind of you. He is sure that he can make himself useful here. Scientific drawings might be of value. Or perhaps an artist's impressions of your efforts, […]

You know better than to hope for much.

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