On Zeefaring

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From: The Unterzee: A Guide

Action Cost: 0

Game Instructions: Learn about Zeefaring, an advanced skill.


On Zeefaring

Success Instructions: Zeefaring is an advanced skill used at zee. Advanced skills open up new possibilities for your character, allowing them to delve into the deeper mysteries of the Neath and acquire some of its more exotic abilities.

Once you have acquired one point of Zeefaring, you will see new options appear on zailing opportunity cards. As you increase the skill, those options will become easier.

To acquire Zeefaring, you will need to first develop your Zee Legs – this will happen on long voyages, as you cross between one zee region and another. At Wolfstack Docks, you can then acquire the Zeefaring skill.

Advanced skills are initially capped at 5 – each individual point will significantly increase your chances of succeeding at a skill challenge. By reaching some of the furthest and most exotic Zee destinations, you will be able to raise your Zeefaring cap above 5.
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