On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman

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Surely the stories about his exploits can't be true.

Learn about the Clay Highwayman through opportunity cards in the upper river.

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Unlocked with

Level Increase Descriptions[edit]

1 to 4: You are learning about the upper river's semi-mythical bandit king, the Clay Highwayman.
5: You have heard the tales of the Clay Highwayman.


1: You are investigating the upper river's bandit king, the Clay Highwayman
2: You know the Clay Highwayman's hiding place is a cave somewhere in the deep hinterlands
3: You know something of the Clay Highwayman's band of Scottish followers
4: You have learned about the Clay Highwayman's Elephant-Sized Clay-Beast
5+: You are acquainted with the legend of the Clay Highwayman
100: You have personally met the Clay Highwayman