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From: A knock on your door

Your benefactor hobbles in. She (you think of her more and more as 'she') does not sit down.

"I have one last task for you. I need you to write me a letter. Well, two letters. Do this last thing, and I will tell you who I am."

Locked with Por Una Cabeza 70


Well, would you look at that

You write two letters: applications to study at Benthic College. […]

She takes off her hat and coat, and unexpectedly comes apart in the middle. There are two of them in there […]The pair take their letters […]

Description summary:
Your benefactor is a pair of urchins, nearly old enough to be kick out of the gangs and certainly old enough to be concerned about their future. You appear to have arranged for them to attend Benthic College, and they thank you with a blown kiss and a diamond bracelet.

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