Oversee the Middle Game/Descriptions

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Progress on the BoardMoves Left Description
3The midgame has begun in earnest. It becomes clearer what territory lies under your control, and what belongs to your opponent.
4The game is at the midpoint of play. Captives pile up beside the board. They wail and lament audibly, but no one attends.
5Every move becomes more consequential now. It will be the endgame in a few more moves.
6Just a little time left. Note the tension in the Embassies. It will be the endgame in two moves.
7This is the last step before the endgame. The pieces that remain are all veterans, even if they began as pawns.
Strategic WeaknessesYour Losses Description
0You have lost no one.
1A captured piece languishes by the side of the board.
2A couple of pieces have been taken now.
3 – 5Many of your pieces have been captured and are laid out next to the board.
6Much of your army is already off the board. The pile of captives and war-dead is growing.
7+This fight has inflicted terrible costs. The hospitals cannot attend to all of your wounded.
Positional AdvantagesOpponent's Losses Description
0As for (opponent), they have lost no one.
1 – 2As for (opponent), they have kept their losses low.
3 – 4As for (opponent), they are starting to feel the losses.
5 – 6As for (opponent), they are much weaker than at the start of play.
7 – 8As for (opponent), they are suffering badly.
9+As for (opponent), their forts are desolated and their spy networks no longer function.