Pay a Retired Zee-Captain to tell you about the Screaming Map

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From: Matters Cartographical

They say it's the only safe way to get to Polythreme, where everything is alive.

Game Instructions: You can obtain Map Scraps by using Glim, or by embarking on a Scientific Expedition.

Unlocked with 50 x Map Scrap


Paying for tall tales

"The map itself is alive, y'see. […] It was broken into halves by that feller at the Bethlehem. […] Anyways, if you've a hunger to see the Memory Gardens and the Eye Temples, there's folks around Wolfstack Docks who might part with their half. […]"

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Success Instructions: Head to Wolfstack Docks to look for the Screaming Map. The map will allow passage to Polythreme if you have a ship.