Peer in the Amber Chamber

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From: Light Fingers: The Citadel

It stinks like the Starved Men, or the Rubbery Men, or (faintly) like certain acquaintances in your social circle. You must be ready to witness.

Unlocked with Ambition: Light Fingers! 105

Locked with Nightmares any level, Knowledge of the Arts


The Shapeling Art

The Starved Man is […] putting himself through an exquisite torture.

[…] melted amber does not eat […] flesh, but quickens it […] it is not a swift process. […] It ends in an ecstasy so thorough it melts, thaws, resolves into a dew. What is done cannot be undone. […]

Description summary:
You now know the mutagenic horrors that amber can do.

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  • Sidebarnightmaressmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Nightmares' Quality is now 7 - THEY ARE COMING THEY ARE COMING THEY ARE COMING!
  • Blanksmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Knowledge of the Arts' Quality is now 1!

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