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From: Begin an intrigue

An independent operation like yours is perfect for ensconcing an informant or agent in Khan's Heart.

Description summary:
The option title varies with your An Agent in Transit: level.

An Agent in Transit:Title
An Attentive ChambermaidPlant an agent: the Attentive Chambermaid
A Wayward NavigatorPlant an agent: the Wayward Navigator
A Bright-Eyed EngineerPlant an agent: the Bright-Eyed Engineer

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Unlocked with An Agent in Transit: is An Attentive Chambermaid, A Wayward Navigator, A Bright-Eyed Engineer


Open the spinneret

(See table below)

Description summary:
The description varies with your An Agent in Transit: level.

An Agent in Transit:Description
An Attentive ChambermaidThe […] Chambermaid […] is too much of a professional to give any indication of how she feels. Employment at the Leopard's palace is prestigious and choked with formality. You will need to manufacture references, […] perhaps even engineer a vacancy or two.
A Wayward NavigatorIt's a good thing that the Wayward Navigator is off your ship – you were beginning to run low on candles. 'Returning' him to his 'old job' in the Khaganian navy will not be an easy task. […] Preparations must be made.
A Bright-Eyed EngineerThe Bright-Eyed Engineer smiles as she […] sees all the bright lights […] – is she thinking about snuffing them all out? The Khanate always needs more engineers, but a Londoner will find it difficult to secure employment. […] Many wheels must be greased.

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With An Attentive Chambermaid

Conclusion: Conclude the infiltration (Attentive Chambermaid)

With A Wayward Navigator

Conclusion: Conclude the infiltration (Wayward Navigator)

With A Bright-Eyed Engineer

Conclusion: Conclude the infiltration (Bright-Eyed Engineer)