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From: Deploy a Parabolan Kitten

Action Cost: 0

It keeps ambushing your shoelaces. You'd better distract it or your aglets will pay the price.



You set a mirror in front of the kitten and watch it duel madly with its much larger, pantherine reflection. An eventual draw is declared.

Alternative Success


It chases a ball of yarn wildly around your drawing room until it misjudges a corner and collides with the skirting. Regaining its feet, it stalks unsteadily away. Its tail is stiff with dignity. Playing with yarn? Whoever heard of such a thing?

Success Instructions: In the PC version of Sunless Sea, go to 'Options', use your Fallen London email login, and then 'Authenticate'. The kitten will be available to you as a mascot.

  • Pantherkittensmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Sunless Sea: Supping with Kittens' Quality is now 1! [This is a metaquality! It will appear on your user profile, and may unlock new starting options in other worlds.]