Point out a prop the Solicitor-Baroness did not mention

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From: A Proxy Proposal, Still Under Way

Action Cost: 0

Framed on the wall behind Furnace: that decoration cannot be here by coincidence.


A glance of the eye

The Solicitor-Baroness touches Furnace's arm. "Pray look behind you, dear: the last of the gifts I was bidden to bring you."


Description summary:
Part of the description varies depending on whether or not you have Inspired Emancipationist Propaganda.

0[…] Behind her on the wall of the private room is a map […] showing the path of the new-laid railway. "All the land past the Evenlode is touched by the Creditor […] You should not feel that you would be isolated. You could see your old friends." […]
1Behind her […] is a painting […] a city high and remote, built on the back of a great tortoise […] It is the copy of a painting that hangs in Furnace's dreams. […] It would not exist, except that you spread Furnace's Emancipationist visions to […] bohemians.

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