Promise, and mean the Vake itself

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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! – Sending the Vake a gift via Wines

You have dreamed its dreams, worn its garments, endured the rudeness of its colleagues. You are as close as friends; perhaps closer.



You swear.

[…] "We made Jenny swear the same oath once," it says. "And she has recently had need to fulfill it."

[…] Wines has opened a large and especially valuable cask, and the revelers think it is a celebration.


Description summary:
You swear to kill a friend, as you already intended. Mr Wines reveals Jenny agreed to the same terms and recently fulfilled them. It takes your Curved Talon Absinthe for delivery; you need to return to your Base-Camp.

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Success Instructions: Prepare yourself: now is the time if you wish to cure wounds or dress yourself in hunting gear. When you are ready, return to your Parabolan Base-Camp. The Vake will be there soon.