Propose special consideration to certain charitable groups

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From: Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway

A small coalition of orphanages, churches, missions, poor-houses, and other charitable entities would like certain privileges to move goods about on the GHR's trains – for the good of the poor of the Hinterlands, of course.

Game Instructions: This will greatly increase banditry in the upper river and garner a substantial reward. If the GHR has an explicitly charitable charter, opposition from Board members concerned about the Company's finances will be lessened.

Unlocked with Total Board Membership (Aside From Yourself) 5, Board Member: the Gracious Widow, Involved in a Railway Venture 60

Locked with Delay until the Next Board Meeting, Seeing Banditry in the Upper River 5



The Widow will not explicitly come out in favour of it until the time comes to tally the votes, of course. But when you put forth the proposal she gives you a nod so small you may have imagined it.

Conclusion: Take the vote and declare Victory

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