Propose you deploy your train in the Parabolan War for the Viscountess

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From: Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway

It seems a shame not to deploy it now that you have track laid through Parabola.

Game Instructions: This will give you 24 Advance! allowing you to progress a stage of the Parabolan War. It will also produce 8 points of Ravages of a Parabolan War

Unlocked with Stage of the War, Parabolan Campaign exactly 5 (The Viscountess), Train Defences 3, Train through Parabola (hidden)

Locked with Delay until the Next Board Meeting, Advance! 24


The voyage of War

Some around the table are startled by the proposal, others are positively gleeful at the prospect of your train thundering through the wilds of Parabola, armed and battle-ready.

Description summary:
If the Viscountess is a member of the board, she will have an additional statement to make.

The ViscountessSecond paragraph
1"This," […] "is an opportunity. A moment when the forces of London can be deployed against our enemies in Parabola. […] A Fingerking is most dangerous when it is made of many minds […] But London is even more numerous..." There's a good deal more like this. […]

[Find the rest of the story at]

If The Viscountess is a board member:

  • Viscountesssmall.png She has agreed to vote on your side. Or, as she'd doubtless put it, you'll be voting on hers. (Sets The Viscountess' Vote to 1 - The Viscountess is voting on your side)

Conclusion: Take the vote and declare Victory

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