Purchase a Rat's Head Cane

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From: The Tatterdemalion Tent

Action Cost: 0

A ghoulish grotesque, commemorating a Ratty Pretender of Old London, whose head adorned a spike for his folly. It's said the flesh never decayed, though the Modiste makes no claims for the varnish.

Game Instructions: The Rat's Head Cane is Persuasive and Watchful.

Unlocked with Direction of the Rat-Wind: is North (World Quality, now locked), The Rat Market is present (World Quality, now available), 3200 x Rat-Shilling


The Rodent Pretender

The Rat-Head leers at you from the tip, its lips stretched like melting wax. Its eyes have painted in chiaroscuro; pools of light within wells of shadow. […] The Modiste assures you it's carved. "Only a likeness, […] you wouldn't recognise him now." […]

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