Purchase a Waxwail Knife

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From: Knife-and-Candle: Prizes!

Some foolhardy soul recovered these from the wreck of the Savage Queen and stripped them of their warning seals. Now they await one foolhardier still.

Game Instructions: Periodically, the Committee issues Prize Tokens to all players. You may take a Prize Token when you defeat a player who carries at least one. Beware: this knife may also be stolen.

Unlocked with 44 x Prize Token

Locked with 1 x Waxwail Knife


"The Waxwail Knife"

The Masked Treasurer presents the Knife to you. His breath has a tallowy stink. The Knife is wrapped in light-drinking cloth. "Wield it with care," he hisses. "Many died to bring it to you, and they will not rise again. Know this before you wield it"