Put up a statue honouring Mr Wines

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From: A Selection of Statues

If one must honour a Master, surely it's the jolliest.

Game Instructions: The more things you build in this neighbourhood, the more additional buildings will cost, as land becomes less available.

Unlocked with (50 × ( Station VIII Development + 1)) x Hinterland Scrip

Locked with Station VIII Commemorative Development


The help of the Union

The Union workers are permitted to work […] 'in the immediate vicinity or on the grounds' […]: they build the base of the statue and supply the plaque. The art itself is mostly a matter of casting bronze fabric-folds over a body of unspecified shape.

Description summary:
There is an additional paragraph with Sinning Jenny on the Board.

Sinning Jenny on the Board?Second paragraph
YesSinning Jenny hears through the Board what you are up to, and insists on attending the statue's unveiling. When she leaves, the statue is dignified with a pair of scarlet stockings over its shoulder.

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Under the Statue: Read the graffiti on the Statue to Mr Wines