Put up a statue honouring your Overgoat

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From: Commissioning a Statue

Of course, you'll also be represented as this goat's most tolerated caretaker.

Game Instructions: This statue will let you trade Favours: Hell for Aeolian Screams.

Unlocked with Crystalline Knowledge, Hinterland Scrip (50 × ( Hurlers Development + 1)), Overgoat

Locked with Hurlers Commemorative Development


Sparkling Statuary

[…] it's been chiselled in ice. "One works with the material one has," says the Bohemian Sculptress […] won't melt in this climate […] I took the time to carve so many little details!"

Little details like the hole that your Overgoat chewed in your shoe.

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Under the Statue: Ask your Overgoat to perform a trick