Raise your skill in Glasswork

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From: Seek Advice from the Grizzled Veteran

Action Cost: 0

Description summary:

0"Even if you don't trust the Is-Not, it's wise to be familiar with it."
1+"One thing you learn when you start to understand what lies behind the mirror is that a little knowledge isn't enough."

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Game Instructions: (With Glasswork at 0) As a Person of Some Importance you'll have access to challenges and opportunities that involve skills beyond the normal. Glasswork is one of these skills.

Locked with Glasswork 5 (Your base Glasswork is 4 or less.)


To the point

"The best place to learn about Parabola […] is Parabola itself. If you search it for the place in the Neath, or track its animals, you may find yourself lost in strange lands." […] "But if you apply your own knowledge […] that knowledge will surely grow."

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]