Raise your standard

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From: Establishing Your Position

Announce yourself to the watching powers of Parabola. You will command an army in the war.

Unlocked with Establishing a Parabolan Reputation exactly 5, Parabolan Counsel exactly 1



[…]From the Moonlit Chessboard to the[…] Coiling Spire, […]announced.

[…]the Viscountess' guidance you have declared yourself as one of[…] mercenary bands found on all sides[…].

[…]Nothing[…], least of all one's allegiances. […]benefits her […]occasionally […]in the serpent's camp[…]

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Wiki note: This text is identical to Raise your standard 2 except for references to the Viscountess, serpents, and cats, which are replaced with Gentleman, cats, and serpents, respectively.