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From: Tuesday, __th of ____, ____

Our Beloved Captain was, as the zailors say, a Person who did not merely Court Disaster. Our Beloved Captain made eyes at Disaster. Needed to be Chaperoned around Disaster. Took Disaster to the Altar and Married It.

Game Instructions: The result will be by far the worst thing that can happen on this storylet. But aren't you curious?

Unlocked with Creeping Fear, Mutinous Whispers, Silent Stalker, Rumbling Stomachs, Groaning Hull


Required Misfortunes

Our Dear Captain […] already driven nearly mad […] hailed by […] Her Enduring Majesty's Navy […] shocked to see […] halfway swallowed up by some grotesque Zee-beast […] […]

[…] vile grip […] such force […] flung […] clean overboard […] Our Captain was in quite a state, understandably […]

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