Renown: Hell

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The devils smile at you with familiarity.

Increase this by using a Bright Brass Skull.

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1–3: Known to door-to-door dealmakers
4–6: Known to the minor clerks of the Brass Embassy
7–9: Known to the diabolical crews of Moloch Street Station
10–14: Known to the infernal diplomats of the Brass Embassy
15–24: Known to the Citizens of the Iron Republic
25–49: Known even to those behind Hell's gate
50: Book of Everlasting Chimes 2:39: And know the name in London, for it is written

Faction Item[edit]

Increase this by using a Bright Brass Skull.

Renown Rewards[edit]

10: Diabolical Fascinator
25: Hellish Hymn
40: Infernal Vinification Apparatus