Renown: The Church

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London's theological establishment is well aware of your good deeds and your sins.

Increase this using a Tiny Jewelled Reliquary.

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It is impossible to raise this quality beyond the cap 55 under any circumstance. Excess from actions raising the quality is wasted after hitting the cap!


1–3: Known to the most humble parishioners
4–6: Known to the altar boys and deacons
7–9: Known to vicars, for whatever influence they wield
10–14: Known to popular proselytisers who propound the faith through the city
15–24: Known to the London's practitioners of the faith, both lay and ecclesiastic
25–49: Known within the sacred naves of London's Cathedrals
50: The Church has already reasoned how to canonise you after your death

Faction Item[edit]

Increase this by using a Tiny Jewelled Reliquary.

Renown Rewards[edit]

10: Angelic Publications
25: The Very Teeth of St George!
40: Beatific Stone