Report a corrupt officer to the Gazette

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From: Court and Cell: the Constables

Action Cost: 5

It violates the Constables' code of silence. They'll not forgive you.

Game Instructions: This will sever your ties with the Constables, allowing you to align with another group. Beware: You will lose all Connected: Constables.

Unlocked with 1 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip, Closest To - is: the Constables, Spending Secrets 4


The line

The Jolly Sergeant is as dirty as […] but as far as the constabulary is concerned […] They no longer tip their helmets […]

[…]'Bent or straight,' it reads, 'a copper does more good in a week than most do in a lifetime.'

Description summary:
Even after his misdeeds appear in the press, the Constables still consider the Jolly Sergeant 'one of the lads'. Which is more than can be said for you.

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