Report another story of Mutton Island to Mr Wines (Average relationship)

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From: Reporting to Mr Wines

You have done as Jervaise asked, and the outcome is no better and no worse than might be expected for two strangers meeting in the False-Summer.

Unlocked with A Second Story for Mr Wines 10 - 999, HandedInFirst (hidden)

Locked with HandedInSecond (hidden)


A mixed result

[…] "We see," it says […] in a tone gravelly with regret. "And no more than this? And no less?" […]

Mr Wines sighs. […]

"We shall do what we can, as you have done what you can […] We shall hear no more of wanderings and less of leavings. Love! […] Love is for London. […]

Description summary:
Most of the second paragraph varies with your A Second Story for Mr Wines quality.

Story for Mr Wines (Good)Second paragraph
100 - The Custodial Chef and the Roaming Replete"It will not be a long-lasting union, but perhaps a fruitful one. We suspect we may one day hear of the cuisine of Mutton Island being sampled in the Presbyter's halls!"
200 - The Custodial Chef and the Dashing Drownie"It will not be a permanent alliance, but who are we to deny a romance in the twilight of the Chef's days? We suspect his cooking will suffer, but perhaps we shall see a wider variety of provender at his table. Salt and brine, salt and brine!"
300 - The Custodial Chef and the Hooded Lady"It will not be a permanent alliance, but who are we to deny that good lady some of the comforts of home! Perhaps she will find some measure of peace on the low hills of that island, now."
400 - The Melancholy Curate and the Roaming Replete"He will travel with her[…] before some quarrel undoes them. […]it would be good for the Curate to see something of the world, beyond his queer notions of the angelic and the infernal. And she? Well, it shall all be material for her book when she returns."
500 - The Melancholy Curate and the Dashing Drownie"The Curate will never go below the waves. Fear shall hold him back. But he shall be enamored, tempted even. He is no stranger to that. The Drownie will tire of him in the end, of course. But it shall be tempestuous at least for a time."
600 - The Melancholy Curate and the Hooded Lady"Our dear lady will never find religion, but she will enjoy an argument. The little church at St Dunstan's shall find itself a hotbed of controversy! And all the better for it, until she returns to her duties. Of which we must remind her."
700 - Jervaise and the Roaming Replete"They shall part as friends. He will not return home with her; too many ties here. But they shall strike up a correspondence that will, no doubt, have diplomats and spies in tears on both sides of the zee."
800 - Jervaise and the Dashing Drownie"They shall part as friends. From the Chef, Jervaise will learn much of his wife that he had never known. Understanding shall deepen. Perhaps they'll even visit together, in time."
900 - Jervaise and the Hooded Lady"A happy interlude. A marriage renewed. Time and the travails of life in our poor London shall corrode it, as it always does. But theirs is a long union; it has weathered such cycles before."
Story for Mr Wines (Bad)Second paragraph
10 - The Custodial Chef and the Roaming Replete"It was not a fruitful union, but one suspects both will have learned some new culinary techniques when they return to their ordinary lives."
20 - The Custodial Chef and the Dashing Drownie"I imagine the Custodial Chef will have been inspired to create new recipes using fish, at least."
30 - The Custodial Chef and the Hooded Lady"I imagine we shall be seeing new varieties of Rubbery Lumps soon. Perhaps even a competition..."
40 - The Melancholy Curate and the Roaming Replete"The meeting will no doubt have dulled the Curate's wanderlust. His soul, one imagines, will have been devalued still further wherever it resides currently."
50 - The Melancholy Curate and the Dashing Drownie"One imagines we will not be hearing many hymns at zee. But perhaps for the best. We have precious few churchmen in London as it is."
60 - The Melancholy Curate and the Hooded Lady"One imagines this union has not made our dear friend a churchgoer. But perhaps the Curate will have learned a useful lesson as to the limitations of his charisma, such as it is."
70 - Jervaise and the Roaming Replete"A chance for a fruitful alliance likely squandered. We shall be having words with our dear Jervaise."
80 - Jervaise and the Dashing Drownie"We must confess some happiness that Jervaise will not be lured to some no doubt soggy end. But we will keep a watch on the docks all the same."
90 - Jervaise and the Hooded Lady"There will be discord. No doubt we will be expected to play intermediary. Again." It sounds extremely resigned.

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