Request Bessemer Steel Ingots as pay

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From: Your Labour, and its Fruits

They can surely spare a few.

Game Instructions: This will get you Bessemer Steel Ingots and Hinterland Scrip.

Unlocked with Foreman's Favour 60


A weighty payment

As if by unspoken agreement, the rats on your work team all stop work. They queue up before the Fore-Rat […]


There is a box to the Fore-Rat's righthand side. It is filled with shards of bone. She indicates that you can help yourself […]

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies with your Work Team quality.

Work TeamSecond paragraph
1The Grizzled Gaffer notices what the Fore-Rat lets you take. "That's what I like to see. A worker receiving the fruits of their labour!" Did you even use the smelter? "Doesn't matter – it's something we produce here, right? So you're getting it […]"
2The […] Machinist keeps you company as you're directed to the pile of ingots. "Good choice. You working on something up above? I've heard mutterings about building a railway? Or is that all done now?" […] "I'm kept so busy that I'm never on top of things."
3When the Fore-Rat points you in the direction of the steel ingots, and holds up a number of claws […], the Eager Engineer squeaks in surprise, then immediately giggles. "Sorry, I forgot. You won't have any trouble carrying that many! It's the claws," […].

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