L. B. Industries (Guide)

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Carousels released with The Great Sink
Carousel Location
Clayman3.png Underclay Spite.png Spite
Gallblighter.png Hunting Bees in Old Newgate University.png The University
Rat.png L. B. Industries Wolfstack.png The Blind Helmsman
Neathroof.png The Sunken Embassy Ladybones.png Moloch Street
Spidertree.png The Spider Symposium Veilgarden.png The Singing Mandrake

L. B. Industries is a carousel in Wolfstack.png The Blind Helmsman, released with Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out. It has a grind similar to Brawling with Dockers, and uses Rat.png Foreman's Favour as a progress quality. Each point of these have an assumed value of 0.1 Echoes, as well as a bonus of 1.5 Icon-echo.png for turning them in, although this takes 3 actions in addition to gaining the progress qualities. Any surplus points of Rat.png Foreman's Favour you may have are exchanged for a secondary reward. The activity uses all the main attributes.

The carousel is notable for being a good source of Reliquary.png Ratty Reliquary as well as one of very few sources of Currency2 copper.png Fourth-City Echoes and Enginegreen.png Crackling Devices. The former can be used in The Rat Market, while the latter has some high level uses.

Dice.png Ratterbox serves as a randomizer, similar to Clouds.png The Airs of London.


Option Challenge Min for 100% Dice.png Success Rare Success Failure
Work the bellows to produce steam Bear.png 50 Bear.png 84 Rat.png + 5  Rat.png + 15 
Make bobbins Fox.png 50 Fox.png 84 Rat.png + 5  Rat.png + 15 
Take over from the spinners Owl.png 125 Owl.png 209 Rat.png + 15  Rat.png + 34  Rat.png - 19 
Assist with assembly Sidebarshadowy.png 178 Sidebarshadowy.png 297 Rat.png + 32  Rat.png + 34  Rat.png - 2 
Contribute – and install – a hard tip for the driller Sidebarshadowy.png 88 Sidebarshadowy.png 147
  • Rat.png + 29 
  • Diamondblue.png - 1 
  • Rat.png + 30 
  • Diamondblue.png - 1 
Diamondblue.png - 1 
Put out a fire by the smelters Bear.png 88 Bear.png 147 51-75 Rat.png + 15  Rat.png + 34  Rat.png - 19 
Test the latest batch of weapons Bear.png 125 Bear.png 209 76-100 Rat.png + 15  Rat.png + 34  Rat.png - 19 


Option Cost Reward Secondary reward
Receive your pay in biscuits Rat.png 10 Bread.png 1 x  Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits Boneshard.png Bone Fragments
Request Bessemer Steel Ingots as pay Rat.png 60 Boneshard.png Bone Fragments
Accept a reverent thanks for your labour Rat.png 110 Reliquary.png 1 x  Ratty Reliquary Boneshard.png Bone Fragments
Accept old coins as a reward Rat.png 235 Currency2 copper.png 2 x  Fourth-City Echo Boneshard.png Bone Fragments
Ask for a Crackling Device as payment Rat.png 610 Enginegreen.png 1 x  Crackling Device Boneshard.png Bone Fragments