L. B. Industries (Guide)

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Labouring at L. B. Industries Summary
Variable-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 1+ A 2 A


Gain Foreman's Favour.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 4.05 Raw SPA 1.66
Carousels released with The Great Sink
Carousel Location Secondary Reward
Underclay Spite
Hunting Bees in Old Newgate The University /
L. B. Industries The Blind Helmsman
The Sunken Embassy Moloch Street /
The Spider Symposium The Singing Mandrake


L. B. Industries is a carousel in The Blind Helmsman, released with Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out. It is a variable-length grind, and uses Foreman's Favour as a progress quality. Each point of Foreman's Favour has an assumed value of 0.1 Echoes, as well as a bonus of 1.5 E for turning them in. Turning in your points takes 3 additional actions on top of the actions spent gaining Foreman's Favour. Any surplus points of Foreman's Favour you may have are exchanged for a secondary reward. The activity uses all the main attributes.

The carousel is notable for being a good source of Ratty Reliquary as well as one of very few sources of Fourth-City Echoes and Crackling Devices. Both can be spent in The Rat Market, and the latter also has some high level uses (though has better sources once players reach that point).

Ratterbox serves as a randomizer, similar to The Airs of London.

If you leave without cashing out, you can re-enter and leave without spending actions on it.


Option Challenge Min for 100% Success Rare Success Failure
Work the bellows to produce steam 50 84 + 5  + 15 
Make bobbins 50 84 + 5  + 15 
Take over from the spinners 125 209 + 15  + 34  - 19 
Assist with assembly 178 297 + 32  + 34  - 2 
Contribute – and install – a hard tip for the driller 88 147
  • + 29 
  • - 1 
  • + 30 
  • - 1 
- 1 
Put out a fire by the smelters 125 209 51-75 + 15  + 34  - 19 
Test the latest batch of weapons 125 209 76-100 + 15  + 34  - 19 


Note that the calculator currently assumes all rare successes are 0%.

Once accurate data is available, edit the grind page (how?).

template = GrindAnalyse
name = 
form = form-progress
result = result-progress
param = 1||Grind:L. B. Industries Progress|hidden
param = Template||#RPA# per action:<p>#OPTIMAL#</p>|hidden
param = Resource|Optimise for:||select|Foreman's Favour;Nothing
param = RPA||per action|hidden
param = maingroup|Main stats||group|Watchful,Shadowy,Dangerous,Persuasive
param = Dangerous|Dangerous|100|int|0-500
param = Shadowy|Shadowy|100|int|0-500
param = Watchful|Watchful|100|int|0-500
param = Persuasive|Persuasive|100|int|0-500
param = materialgroup|Material costs (in actions per point)||group|Material:Ostentatious Diamond
param = Material:Ostentatious Diamond|Ostentatious Diamond|0.2|float|0-


For every additional point of Foreman's Favour you have beyond the cost of the reward you choose, you will be given a secondary reward of Bone Fragments. The current conversion rate is: 10 x  Bone Fragments per extra 1 x  Foreman's Favour.

Option Cost Reward Secondary reward E / /
Receive your pay in biscuits 10 1 x  Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits Bone Fragments 0.25 E None
Request Bessemer Steel Ingots as pay 60 Bone Fragments 0.125 E None
Accept a reverent thanks for your labour 110 1 x  Ratty Reliquary Bone Fragments ~0.1136 E ~1.81
Accept old coins as a reward 235 2 x  Fourth-City Echo Bone Fragments None ~1.06
Ask for a Crackling Device as payment 610 1 x  Crackling Device Bone Fragments ~0.1 E ~1.39