Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem

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Let's see - there's nowhere like the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. Its luxury is unparallelled: its guests, beyond baroque. Lock your door, or you don't know who you might wake up in bed with. Select this in your Inventory to move into your new lodgings. Allows four cards in your hand.

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It can be purchased from Penstock's Land Agency in the Bazaar, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 40000 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey Penstock stamps a form. "I've made all the arrangements. Good luck in there."

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Alternative Cost

These lodgings can also be bought via the A merry gentleman card for 50 x Antique Mystery (worth E 625).

The Royal Bethlehem Hotel

The Royal Bethlehem Hotel. The most luxurious place to stay in London. The guests are surprisingly singular for such an expensive establishment.


Move to the Royal Bethlehem Hotel
Move to your Suite
Reclaim your room at the Royal Bethlehem