Resign from your Profession

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From: Send a Message to a Contact

'Dear Sir – it is with profound and utter sorrow that I must beg to inform you...' Too much?

Game Instructions: This will completely remove your current Profession, allowing you to choose a new one when the occasion arises. It will also remove the unique item your Profession provides, and any specialisation, if you have one. If your current term of address is based on your Profession, you will need to choose a new one. Only select this if you wish to lose your Profession.

Unlocked with Profession:

Wiki note: Resigning doesn't wipe Approximate Value of Outstanding Invoices in Pennies


Stamped and sent

You rise from the writing-desk free from care... and you have a few stories you may tell, now that professional confidence no longer forbids it.

Success Instructions: You may now adopt another Profession, when you find one.

Redirects to: A Grubby Inquiry (if current title came from removed profession)