Return to the Parabolan Base-camp

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From: Light Fingers: Leaving Nightmares Behind

The freed Hybrid scuttles at your heels, clicking its mandibles.

Wiki note: This page combines two options, one of which requires you to have A Pact with the Boil of Calamities.


The time has come

Dr Vaughan is there to greet you […]

Jasper […] and Frank want a word. […] "[…] being involved in this adventure has filled me with unexpected comradely sentiment. […] "But […] you'd better do the right thing, deliver the Hybrid, and earn yourself a big shiny diamond […]

Description summary:
The Clay Men are sort of pleased with the outcome of the adventure in Misermere, but business is business. The success description begins with an additional passage if you have Lyon Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary.

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Lyon PursuivantAdditional PassageSummary
Yes[…] an enormous tiger leaps from the undergrowth, with a triumphant Hephaesta riding upon its back. "We escaped!" […] The crack in the sun will remind the snakes that not even their most precious things are safe […]" […] the tiger […] vanishes into the canopy. […]The cats are very pleased that you struck a blow to their enemies, the dream-snakes. Hephaesta gains a strong feline friend.