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From: The Fruits of the Zee Festival!

She has reappeared at the Festival and is suffering the people of Mutton Island to attempt conversation with her.

Unlocked with Sights at the Festival 67 to 100, The Viscountess at the Fruits of the Zee exactly 12


Cast off

[…] "It's over, […] My marriage: a memory. A fond memory, but..." […]

[…] "There's so much history, tying us all down. If you stop to remember it, you'll drown. […]"

[…] broken collar on the ground. She indicates that you take it: it is the Viscount's collar. […]

Description summary:
The Viscountess makes a (probably unintended) rhyme about the end of her marriage. She gives you the collar of her mate. Hers is left with the Viscount.

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