Reveal a fundamental truth to the Knight of Numbers

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From: Unburden Yourself to an Attendant

This year, the Weary Wayfinder has been called to wear the bascinet of the Knight of Numbers. This Attendant represents the error of pride.

Game Instructions: This will gain you the Epistemological Mapmaker, who is Shadowy, Respectable, and raises your Mithridacy.

Unlocked with A Confession of Guile, A Confession of Pride, A Confession of Whimsy, Weary Wayfinder

Locked with Epistemological Mapmaker


Solipsistic cartography

[…] You whisper into the bascinet of London's shames and sins; […]

[…] when you see the Wayfinder again, the tired look in their eyes is gone. […] The problem, they contend, is attempting to explore the territory, rather than the mind experiencing the territory. […]

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