Reveal a nostalgic truth to Hammerstrike

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From: Unburden Yourself to an Attendant

Whoever is playing the Hammerstrike, in its fearsome costume, is smaller than usual this year. The costume has been shortened, and in place of a bear its mask is a cub.

Game Instructions: This will gain you the Relict Catapult, which is a Shadowy and Watchful weapon. You will also keep your Grubby Urchin.

Unlocked with A Confession of Impropriety, A Confession of Pride, A Confession of Guile, Grubby Urchin

Locked with Relict Catapult


Unsuccessful, nevertheless inspired

The Urchin cannot keep the facade long.

Hammerstrike regains his composure [...] reveals an elderly looking catapult [...] marked with a series of circles and crosses.

"Used to be Theirs," Hammerstrike whispers [...] "Yours now. Keep it hid. [...]