Reveal an artistic truth to the Smiling Jester

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From: Unburden Yourself to an Attendant

The Smiling Jester is paying particular attention to one Hallowmas reveller, dressed in a costume of glass and silver, recumbent upon a chaise lounge.

Game Instructions: This will gain you a companion who is Dreaded and Watchful, and raises your Artisan of the Red Science and your Monstrous Anatomy. You will also keep the Misplaced Ring.

Unlocked with A Confession of Whimsy, A Confession of Guile, A Confession of Pride, Misplaced Ring

Locked with Recalcitrant Sculptress


A hinted identity

[…] an Elizabethan gown of glass feathers […] She glimpses the ring upon your finger […]

[…] This is no costume but the Recalcitrant Sculptress, daughter of the Traitor Empress […] A servant approaches […] The Sculptress is pleased to make your acquaintance, she says. […]

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