Reveal an regretful truth to the Glasswhisper

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From: Unburden Yourself to an Attendant

Their cat-mask is furred with velvet. Their grey cloak glistens like oil. Your monkey squats, grimacing, on their shoulder.

Game Instructions: This will gain you a Condolent Monkey, who is Persuasive, Watchful and Bizarre.

Unlocked with A Confession of Curiosity, 1 x A Confession of Guile, 1 x A Confession of Pride, 1 x Malevolent Monkey

Locked with 1 x Condolent Monkey


One-sided conversation

The Glasswhisper leans close to hear you […] The next time you see the monkey at your lodgings, he rushes over to you. He insists that you sit by him on his favourite cushion, where he spends the evening patting your hand and making soothing noises.

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