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From: Factory VIII

Distract the Overseer so that you can mark this crate. You'll be able to find it again later when it's loaded into one of your trains.

Game Instructions: This will enable you to collect the contents of your crate as you head back to London. You can only mark one crate at a time.

Unlocked with 1 x Extraordinary Implication

Locked with Marked Goods


Prime goods

[…] A few convincing stories about what you heard from someone at the Foreign Office about a quarrel between [The Masters] and he rushes over to a board, to move a slider to the left. […] He entirely misses you shaving the edge of the crate with a knife.

Description summary:
The identity of the quarrelling Masters varies depending on the Airs of VIII.

Airs of VIIIMasters
0Pages and Fires
10 - 19Cups and Veils
20 - 29Wines and Pages
39Veils and Pages
40 - 43Spices and Iron
50 - 59Spices and Stones
61Stones and Wines
77Apples and Fires
80 - 81Apples and Cups
97 - 100Iron and Mirrors

[Find the rest of the story at]

Wiki note: 1 leads to Halcyonic Tonic, whereas 2 leads to Fillip of Effervescence when the crate is broken into later.