Search for a Silverer

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From: Light Fingers: A Parabolan Base-camp?

You poke around after the Silverer. No luck while you're awake. One appears in your dreams that night, though, asking for proof of your seriousness.

Game Instructions: Only begin if you are certain this is the method you wish to use to acquire a Parabolan Base-Camp

Unlocked with 4 x Parabola-Linen Scrap

Locked with Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp


An acceptable offering

In your dreams, the Silverer is waiting. […]

The next morning, he knocks on your door […]

"A Base-camp in Parabola is, of course, a ridiculous notion," […]

"Yes, utterly foolish. How can I resist?" He begins to outline all the things he'll need.

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Success Instructions: Another gift from an admirer is waiting in your London Lodgings.