Sell a very advanced identity to Spies

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From: The Railway and the Great Game

Your contact needs to intervene in a matter in Buenos Aires. She will need extensive cover.

Game Instructions: This process will gain a Rumourmonger's Network.

Unlocked with Cabinet Noir, Cover Identity: Backstory 500, Cover Identity: Credentials 6, Cover Identity: Nuance 6, Cover Identity: Witnesses 6, Cover Identity: Elaboration 10, Cover Identity: Ties exactly 1

Locked with Intercepted Document


Very satisfactory

[…] the Vermillion Spy "[…] I don't like to spend too much time in the Neath […] If someone stabs you down here, it's an eternal sentence to this." […]

But she commits to memory the list of food preferences and dance styles you selected for her cover.

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Conclusion for Intercepted Document: A long list