Sell the location of the Cave of the Nadir (Hell)

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From: Burning Shadows: the Devils of London

Virginia shrugs like a snake. "I'm interested, of course. There will be some choice souls down there. And I'm always curious about the Quarter. But I can't offer you too much."

Description summary:
Virginia would like the location of the Cave of the Nadir in exchange for a small gift.

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Game Instructions: This will earn you a Scrap of Ivory Organza from the Empress' Wedding Dress, and the gratitude of devils. If you are Closest To - someone else, you will become Closest To Hell.

Unlocked with Route: The Cave of the Nadir exactly 3


An intent curiosity

Virginia, like a lizard, never blinks. Her skin is the blushed pale of fine rose quartz. She devours your words as you speak, and nods. "We'll find a use for it," is all she says.