Set out to track him down

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From: Making Your Name: The Case of the Honey-Addled Detective

It's a test, not an ordeal. Your skills will be sufficient.

Locked with Engaged in a Case:


Find the Honey-Addled Detective

Let's locate this addled recluse.

Success Instructions: You have begun a Case! Increase your Detective's Progress to 10, and the Detective will appear. Look for the storylet with the jigsaw-sign in the newly opened Moloch Street map area, or many Opportunity cards.

  • Honeydetectivesmall.png You are now pursuing the Case of the Honey-Addled Detective. (Sets Engaged in a Case: to the Honey-Sipping Detective)
  • Magnifyingglasssmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Case Difficulty' Quality is now 2!
  • Bootsredsmall.png Moloch Street is found in the Ladybones Road area of the map. (Sets Route: Moloch Street to – in the Ladybones Road map area)