Set out with all you require to turn Cornelius into a city and restore Furnace's true face

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From: Pay a visit to Hillchanger Tower

Expiation, promise, repayment. Cornelius feels that he owes Furnace this much.

Unlocked with An Eager Substitute in the Form of Cornelius, Familiarity with the Method of Transplanting a Diamond Heart, Discordant Studies, 1 x Irrigo-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Viric-filled Mirrorcatch Box, 1 x Venom-Ruby, Track Laid 3


Setting out

[…] there is a crowd of tracklayers gathered […]

One of the women tracklayers steps forward and offers Furnace a bundle of cloth […]

Hillchanger Tower waits above. You and Furnace walk together […] Cornelius comes afterwards. She […] offers no remark.

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