Discordant Studies - Costs and Rewards (Guide)

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Nothing lies beyond here
Discordant studies is considered a very major spoiler. While the embargo on this content has been lifted, be aware before proceeding.
This guide is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.
What needs work: Missing info on some underlying storylets in supplemental content.
Hellgatesmall.png Post-Railroad Content

This is a guide for those who would like to know what they stand to gain and lose with deeper studies of the Discordance or just want a chance to prepare first. You'll need to raise Crystalline Knowledge and encounter Discordant Law before you can start pursuing Discordant Studies - see The Hurlers (Guide) if you want spoilers for everything before the big secrets begin.

As everything in this guide is considered spoilers for this content, each section is collapsed by default. Expand only what you want to see. If you wish for a more detailed, spoiler filled guide, see Deeper Discordant Studies (Guide).

What This Guide Doesn't Cover[edit]

  • Branch-by-branch mechanics
  • Unique items and qualities given to you by this content only to unlock a later part of the puzzle
  • Puzzle answers
  • Lore and narrative
  • Costs and rewards of optional and/or optionally-repeatable actions (with exceptions)
  • Penalties of failed checks (none are severe enough to list)
  • Costs and challenges of travel

Discordant Studies 2[edit]

If the notion of following an expensive and painful path doesn't appeal to you but don't want to miss out on increasing your Steward of the Discordance cap, fear not! The cap increase is a reward for the first step and the storylet tells you what you stand to lose for taking it. You are welcome to stop your pursuit after this point.

Stat Challenges[edit]

List of stat challenges faced [Expand]
Stat Difficulty Type
A Player of Chess 8 Narrow
Artisan of the Red Science 8 Narrow
Glasswork 8 Narrow
Kataleptic Toxicology 8 Narrow
Mithridacy 8 Narrow
Monstrous Anatomy 8 Narrow
Shapeling Arts 8 Narrow

Costs & Requirements[edit]

Stat Losses [Expand]
Quality CP Loss
A Player of Chess -(current level) CP
Artisan of the Red Science -(current level) CP
Dangerous -100 CP
Glasswork -(current level) CP (once or twice)
Kataleptic Toxicology -(current level) CP
Mithridacy -(current level) CP
Monstrous Anatomy -(current level) CP (once or twice)
Persuasive -100 CP
Shadowy -100 CP
Shapeling Arts -(current level) CP
Watchful -100 CP
Menace Gain [Expand]
Quality Gain Notes
Nightmares +10 CP
Nightmares +8 CP move directly to The Mirror-Marches
Suspicion +4 CP move directly to New Newgate Prison - again!
Unaccountably Peckish +1 x
Wounds set to 8 move directly to a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river
Wounds set to 8 move directly to a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river again
Item & Quality Losses [Expand]
Item / Quality Loss Notes
A Vial of Queenly Attar -1 x
Appalling Secret -2 x
Breath of the Void -1 x
Current Culinary Concoction:
Solacefruit Champagne Sorbet
Gone Requires [1] to create from scratch
Discordant Missive -1 x Requires another player's help.
Discordant Soul -1 x
Doubled Skull -1 x
Impossible Theorem -1 x
Memory of Discordance -15 x
Night-Whisper -1 x
Non-Cost Requirements [Expand]
Item / Quality Required
The Rose-Red Streets 1+


Primary Rewards [Expand]
Item / Quality Gain Notes
Acquaintance: the Anchoress +1 x New Acquaintance quality
Advancing the Liberation of Night: +110 CP
Anticandle +3 x New Luminosity item. Despite the same name and image, this is not the same as Anticandle, the retired Advantage
Crystalline Knowledge +4 x L6 -> L10
Discordance Stone +1 x New Contraband item
Discordant Studies +1 x L1 -> L2
Immaterial Material +1 x New Rag Trade item. Can be traded for Veils-Velvet Scrap. Can be acquired multiple times.
Steward of the Discordance +9 CP
Secondary Rewards [Expand]
Item / Quality Gain Notes
Aeolian Scream +9 x
Appalling Secret +9 x
Basket of Rubbery Pies +4 x
Bone Fragments +666 x
Bottle of Broken Giant 1844 +1 x
Brilliant Soul +111 x
Carnival Ticket +9 x
Cryptic Clue +9 x
Crystallised Euphoria +1 x
Dark-Dewed Cherry +3 x
Direful Reflection +1 x
Dubious Testimony +9 x
Fillip of Effervescence +1 x
Horned Skull +2 x
Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax +4444 x
Memory of a Much Lesser Self +4 x
Parabolan Research +36 x
Primordial Shriek +9 x
Rat on a String +3333 x
Romantic Notion +444 x
Scrap of Incendiary Gossip +9 x
Solacefruit +5 x
Soul +555 x
Sworn Statement +9 x
Tale of Terror!! +9 x
Touching Love Story +4 x
Volume of Collated Research +19 x

Supplemental Content[edit]

Over the course of your Discordant Studies, you will also unlock multiple repeatable actions. Most notably, this includes some new cards in the Adulterine Castle, some very expensive ways to lower your base Skills, and an expensive-but-repeatable source of Veils-Velvet Scraps.

Cards [Expand]
Icon Option Challenge / Requirements Success Failure
Bloody.png Monoclesigilsmall.png ASotC 20? challenge
Blackjacksmall.png Luck: 40%

+7 x Maniac's Prayer

Goat.png Cherriessmall.png 3 x Dark-dewed Cherries
Combsmall.png Dangerous 300 challenge
Salon3.png Pen ironsmall.png SotD 5 challenge

+7 x Journal of Infamy

+1 CP Nightmares


+1 CP Scandal

Library.png Blacksmall.png 4 x Journal of Infamy

+1 x Tale of Terror!!

Ravenwhitebookssmall.png Watchful 250 challenge

+8 x Journal of Infamy

Lanternshutter.png Correspondencestonesmall.png Luck: 50%

+6-8 x Brilliant Soul

+5-7 x Memory of Light

Tabletsmall.png A Pot of Violant Ink
Hunger2.png Roastchickensmall.png Austere 12 challenge

+318-352 x Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax

+4 x Hand-picked Peppercaps

Bottleblacksmall.png 1 x Bottled Oblivion
Papers.png Envelopesmall.png Shadowy 200 challenge

+61-75 x Stolen Correspondence

+1 CP Scandal

Sacksmall.png Neathproofed 2 challenge

+1 CP Wounds

Griswine.png Silk2small.png Dangerous 210 challenge
Blacksmall.png 1 x Black.png Immaterial Material
Various Content [Expand]
Icon / Link Option Challenge / Requirements Success
Blanksmall.png Blacksmall.png
Diamondsmall.png Blacksmall.png
Constableline.png Bazaardoor papersmall.png
Papers5.png Mastersmall.png 1 x Black.png Immaterial Material
Bazaardoor obsidian.png Black.png
St arch.png Prisonbars.png