Share a drink with a Zailor

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From: Under the Statue at Moulin

She's brandishing a flask of something.

Unlocked with Moulin Commemorative Development exactly 22 (Put up a statue honouring a Legendary Zee-Captain, that is, Yourself), 4 x Favours: The Docks


A drink with a zailor

You disappear into a nearby pub and trade sips of whatever's in her flask; it's floral, spicy, and d__nably potent. While you drink, she shares with you the results of a recent expedition; hopefully the maps should hold true for a while.

Rare Success

A rare find

You disappear into a nearby pub […] While you drink, she lets you leaf through some kind of curious book recovered from a Khanate ship. "Found her stuck on a rock, sinking." […] "Keep it. Figure you might have more of an use for it than us."

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