Put up a statue honouring a Legendary Zee-Captain, that is, Yourself

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From: Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Moulin Branch

You have been further than most.

Game Instructions: This statue will allow you to spend Docks favours. Building it will not consume your notes.

Unlocked with Flames.png A Survivor of the Iron Republic is: Hardly Changed, Cumaeancanal port.png A Member of the Gondoliers is: A Crimson Violist or A Doctore of the Guild, Paperstack.png 150 x Page of Cryptopalaeontological Notes, Papers2.png 150 x Page of Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes, Papers3.png 150 x Page of Theosophistical Notes, Currency3 copper.png (50 × (Railway.png Moulin Development + 1)) x Hinterland Scrip

Locked with Ravenblackskull.png Moulin Commemorative Development

Wiki note: The beginning of the text varies based on your Angel.png Honoured with a Statue value. See the table below for details.


Eyes on the horizon

[…] The Bohemian Sculptress has your likeness scanning the horizon through a spyglass […] this small plaza in the centre of Moulin is surrounded on all sides by tall structures […] your statue looks like it's spying on a local pub.

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Angel.png Statues BuiltDescription
2?It isn't your first statue, of course. Your image can be found elsewhere in London.
3?Marble and bronze renditions of your face can be found in several places.
5 - 6It isn't your first statue. As a matter of fact, your image is becoming ubiquitous
Under the Statue: Share a drink with a Zailor and Share a tale of your travels