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From: The Duchess at Hallowmas

She almost smiles. "I have something you might find useful. But it would be only polite for you to share your findings first."

Game Instructions: You will gain a clue to the Mystery of the Rosers.

Unlocked with 1 x A Confession of Impropriety, 1 x A Confession of Pride

Locked with A Clue from the Duchess


The Fifth

The Duchess[…]tells you of her sister. She was wilful, intemperate and discourteous. But she loved her dearly – "as we often do those who cause us pain."[…]she last saw her sister in dream[…]travelling[…]to[…]a distant shore, beneath another light.

Description summary:
The Duchess sends her servants away and asks you to make tea. She tells you about her sister, casually remarking that she saw her in a dream. Her sister was determined to leave that dream behind, but did not reveal where she was going other than that it was "a distant shore, beneath another light."

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