Sit down and wait for the Bishop to speak

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From: Ask the Bishop about Catching Monsters

The Bishop pours each of you a half-pint of sherry and starts talking.

Unlocked with Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 16, In the Labyrinth of Tigers, Navigating Coil exactly 4


The capture of savage beasts

"I've got a wings-of-thunder bat from the Elder Country. […]"

"I want you to find me a breedable creature. […]"

"There's some kind of hyaena-thing loose in the Second Coil here. […]"

"Once you've caught it, return here. […]"

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Success Instructions: You can catch a monster in the Second Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, In the Unterzee, in exile in the Tomb-Colonies, and in Flute Street.

Wiki note: See: Breeding Monsters (Guide)