Skeleton: Amalgamy

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Is your skeleton perhaps of a Rubbery persuasion? Partially coral? Otherwise outside the norm?

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0: Non-Rubbery
1: Slightly Rubbery
2: Somewhat Rubbery
3: Distinctly Rubbery
4-5: Very Rubbery
6+: Significantly Amalgamous

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: Your skeleton looks stranger.
2-4: Your skeleton poses an increasing challenge to the theory of Evolution.
5+: Your skeleton looks more and more out of place in the Great Chain.

Manifest Text[edit]

This text is displayed in your manifest when you Assemble a Skeleton, and as part of the title of some options.

0: Free of Rubbery Influence
1: Probably Not Rubbery
2: Possibly Rubbery
3: Probably Rubbery
4: Rubbery
5: Amber-Formed
6: Fluke-Born
7: Amalgamous
8-9: Shameful
10-14: Deeply Shameful
15+: Constructed of the Shapeling Arts