Skeleton: Wings

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How many wings does your skeleton have currently?

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Level Change Descriptions

1: Your skeleton has a single wing, good for nothing but stirring up a strong breeze.
2: Your skeleton has two wings, and could theoretically fly.
3: Your skeleton has two wings plus a spare.
4: Your skeleton is now up to four wings.
5: Your skeleton has five wings, and looks unwieldy to steer.
6: Your skeleton is up to six wings. At least this offers the merit of symmetry.
7: Your skeleton has seven wings. Seven is the number of the wings.
8: Your skeleton has eight wings.
9: Your skeleton has attained nine wings.
10: Your skeleton has enough wings to qualify as a flock all by itself.

Manifest Text

This text is displayed in your manifest when you Assemble a Skeleton, and as part of the title of some options.

1: Single-winged
2: Winged
3: Triple-winged
4: Quadriple-winged
5: Quintuple-winged
6: Sextuple-winged
7: Septuple-winged
8: Octuple-winged
9: Nine-winged
10: Ten-winged
18: Many-winged